Goal FAQ

How big is the goal?

5-feet wide by 3-feet tall.

Does the goal come fully assembled?

Yes, the goal ships fully assembled with the net attached. You will be playing within seconds of pulling the goal out of the box.

What is the goal made out of?


Can the goal be used indoors?

Yes, the goal comes fitted with rubber pads on the feet which allows for indoor use.

Does the goal need to be staked?

No, the goal is designed to not be staked down.

How much does the Dynamo Goal weigh?

The goals weigh 20 lbs each. 23 lbs with the net attached.

How long will the Dynamo Goal last?

The goals do not rust. With proper maintenance, they should last indefinitely.

How often should I perform maintenance?

You should perform regular monthly maintenance during periods when the goals are in use.

What type of regular maintenance is required?

The goal has many moving parts held together by allen bolts. These bolts need to be tightened periodically, and may even need to be loosened if they have been over-tightened.

Some of our customers lubricate the moving parts, although this is usually not necessary.

What makes the Dynamo Goal so special?

Here are some of the reasons the Dynamo Goal is the premier training goal on the market today:

Folds flat for easy transportation and storage.

The weight and footprint makes the goal stable. No need for stakes or sandbags.

The shots will not get stuck in the net and need to be dug out. They trickle out of the goal for quick transitions going the other direction.

The wind will not blow them over.

Does the Dynamo Goal come with a warranty?

Yes. Bounce Athletics Inc. guarantees the structural integrity of the Player Development goal when used strictly according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This warranty applies to the original purchaser against defective materials in workmanship for 1 year from date of purchase.